Lindsey Kustusch, urban painting


Evening storm over the port © Lindsey Kustusch

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Lindsey Kustusch is a San Francisco based painter. Her work revolves around urban environments and small details, scenes and various animals, in a truly distinctive style.

Going from global overview to surgical accuray, Lindsey Kustusch mixes strokes and flat tints of oil painting to create marvelous combinations. Between realism and impressionism, concrete and sky, she strides along the city, eyes wide open. No matter the angle or light, she paints it frozen and vibrant at the same time.

The audience is on the leading edge, catched by the atmosphere. The artworks, odes to the city, seems familiar yet quite far away from us, hidden behind the blurred colours.

From city to ravens

That being said, the artist does not only focus on the city’s streets. She also paints animals, more specifically birds populating the electric wires of San Francisco. She depicts their movements, showing the city’s guardians an otherwise unusual interest. The ravens are then in the limelight, beaks and eyes brighting.

Inspiration and technical aspect

Lindsey Kustusch explains on her website that she wants to « capture the fleeting moments in life« , using painting to see the world differently. She allows us to see « the extraordinary in the mundane« , creating a connection between our experience of the city and hers.

She walks by the streets, going whichever way the wind blows, while picking out what she wants to paint. She photographs the back alleys and collects images of San Francisco, before coming back to her studio where she paints.

Always challenging herself technicaly and stylistically, she switches from animals to the city. As you can see, she particularly likes dark shades and in-between moments, between two heartbeats, when we hold our breath. Organising space and strokes, she creates balanced and full of details scenes. She brings us to her own moment, the one she lives with the city.

I hope you liked this post! I tried to convey the same feelings as I did in French (here), but it is quite hard. If you came accross a spelling mistake or two, please leave a comment, it would help me greatly. 😉

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