French baguette trying to write in English. Sometimes it works out. Sometimes you won’t be able to comprendre quoi que ce soit.

Evening storm over the port © Lindsey Kustusch

Lindsey Kustusch, urban painting

Lindsey Kustusch is a San Francisco based painter. Her work revolves around urban environments and small details, scenes and various animals, in a truly distinctive style.

Crying study © Ivana Besevic

Ivana Besevic : emotional portraits

Ivana Besevic paints marvelous portraits, linking powerful looks with emotional delicateness.

Yana Khachikya Miniature

Yana Khachikyan : translated version

This is an English version of the original article written in French about Yana Khachikyan, readable here. Sorry for bad englando, I will try my best to convey the same feelings as I did in my native language, but, you know… Language barrier and vocabulary are not easy to deal with. If something seems wrong, […]